Chief Administrative Officer 

The District of Chetwynd Administration staff works together to ensure that all required services are provided to the residents of the District of Chetwynd through the leadership of Mayor and Council. Administrative staff expedite Council policies to ensure the municipality meets its long term goals and short term objectives.

The Chief Administrative Officer is responsible to Council for the efficient management of the municipal workforce and seeing that Council’s directions and policies are carried out. The CAO often acts as Council’s representative in negotiations with governments, businesses or property owners and is called upon to give management advice to Council.

Doug Fleming

Corporate Administration

The Corporate Administration department is responsible for the organization of Council agenda; keeping minutes of Council meetings, preparation of bylaws, the safekeeping of municipal records and the provision of information to the public.

The Corporate Administration department also completes correspondence on Council’s behalf and is responsible for the publication of official notices. If you wish to make an appointment to appear as a delegation at a Council meeting, you would make arrangements to do so through the Corporate Administration department at   250-401-4100.

Deputy CAO/Director of Corporate Administration

Carol Newsom

Deputy Director of Corporate Administration

Deanne Ennis