Open for Business Award - 2018 Winner
The District of Chetwynd is proud to have received the 2018 Open for Business Award!

Mayor’s Report – September 5, 2013

Meet the Mayor

September 5, 2013

The best-thought-out ideas of mice, men, and Council sometimes get upstaged by better ideas.  We believe this is one of those times when better ideas have sprouted out of good ideas and we want to share them with you and get your thoughts on how to grow them further.  I will give you a heads-up today but Council and Administration very much want your carefully reasoned perspectives at an open house scheduled for September 24.  If you can’t make September 24, Administration will be happy to speak with you face to face.

Recapping some old information:  several years ago a former Council voted to set aside funds to build a badly needed City Hall.  Few question the wisdom of that decision.  Money is always difficult to pile up but it has been accumulating and we feel the time is rapidly approaching to use it for the purpose for which the fund was created.  There always has been and there always will be urgent needs with the potential to divert attention from a vital need like City Hall.  Just patch the roof, open the windows to clear the hot air; bring in your own electric heater and blanket; move the archives into the hall to find room for the current files; stand aside when I meet you; and don’t ever close the window in the wash room.  You get the picture.  Time has marched on leaving city hall where it was 25 years ago.  Actually, while time has marched on, City Hall has skittered backwards.  It’s called entropy and we all experience in our bodies that unduckable phenomenon of temporary existence on this planet.

In the meantime plans must grow.  Council and Administration believe that the funds to construct City Hall will be available by the time construction commences and that the new office will be completed without increasing the tax burden that you carry.  In plain English, construction of the new City Hall will not result in added financial burdens to resident.

We want you to be comfortable with the plans that are growing in District Office and to be fully assured that your tax burden will not increase because of the new City Hall.  We also want you to have a significant part in what will become a major improvement to our community.  Not only a major improvement, but we are also demonstrating our confidence in our community to potential builders’ and developers.

So we invite you, in fact, we urge you to mark your calendar for September 24 and plan to attend the open house at District Office to share your ideas with Council and Administration.  Who knows, maybe one of your ideas will be front and centre when the office opens in 2015.  If it isn’t front and centre, at least you will have had the satisfaction of knowing that you have helped to steer the ship of local government in the direction that you would like to see it go.

Merlin Nichols, Mayor