Open for Business Award - 2018 Winner
The District of Chetwynd is proud to have received the 2018 Open for Business Award!

Meet the Mayor – April 25, 2013

A hard-working team – that’s what you elected 16 months ago.  As a Mayor, I wouldn’t think of asking for greater dedication, higher intelligence, keener insight, or deeper commitment to the welfare of the community that elected them.

A hard-working team – team is the word.  Six individuals, then five, learned to pull together to get the job done for which they were elected.  My father was a horse man.  As a child I used to watch him turn pairs of undisciplined young horses into teams that threw their massive energies into the work together.  From starting out with one horse moving forward and the other backward thereby cancelling out their substantial  energy, they learned to lean into the load together – and, I think, got great horse pleasure out of finishing the job.

A hard-working team – once again a team of six Councillors, like my father’s trained horses, pulling together to do the job of Council:  building bylaws, setting fair and equitable tax rates, planning infrastructure improvements, peering into the misty dark of the future while not neglecting the present.  You voted for the team and you got a good one.

A hard-working team – a team that doesn’t merit the comments directed at it in the press.  With respect, as Mayor, I have to say that enough is enough.  If the comments were directed only at me (my skin is thick), I would have scorned to respond.  But these are my Councillors.  I respect and admire the talents and devotion of each of them.  And, above all, they represent Chetwynd.  Unwarranted comments really do set our community in a bad light and serve to turn potential investors and residents away.

In case you have forgotten:  a recent smear referred to the dress of the members in Council.  At least they were dressed.  Dirty Jeans and stained T shirts have not been seen in Council in my memory.  When Councillor Brownlee appears in his coveralls, we know that he came directly from one job to another.  And you should have seen his response to your editorial:  he dressed in grey coveralls (clean) with a color-coordinated tie:  hilarious! 

More recently, you printed an innuendo implying that Council was attempting to hide something by rejecting a request by Chet TV to video tape Council proceedings.  Pardon me?  Don’t you have a reporter sitting in at every Council meeting?  Aren’t Council meetings open?  Aren’t committee meetings open?  Could Council really hide something if it wanted to?

I don’t mind criticism of Council decisions.  That’s your job.  Keep at it.  Some of what you do is quite well done.  But when your criticism has the net effect of untruthfully depicting Council as a gang (my word) disheveled (my word), unclean (your point), that attempts to conceal its work, well, then, enough is enough.  I will defend my Council and ask you (with respect) to confine your work to reporting and analyzing.

Hey, Larry, welcome to the team.  It’s not so bad!

Merlin Nichols, Mayor