Open for Business Award - 2018 Winner
The District of Chetwynd is proud to have received the 2018 Open for Business Award!

Meet the Mayor – August 15, 2013

Meet the Mayor

August 15, 2013

“Suddenly there came a tapping / as of someone gently rapping / rapping at my chamber door /  … ‘tis the wind and nothing more,” (with no apologies to Mr. Poe).  Only it was at my window and I was at my desk in the office of the Mayor not dozing but actually banging out this piece of literature.  Looking over my shoulder I espied two uniformed officers examining my window for clues.

“Odd,” says I to me.  “In Chetwynd?”


Apparently there are in our home town still those who would vandalize their own house, burn their bridges ahead of them, pull the rug out from under their own feet.  It’s hard to believe and impossible to comprehend the thinking of the person who would smash down his own front door just because it stands between him and the other side.  It happened.  Perhaps there was no thinking.

Rather than wait for the office to open for business, a Person Unknown, perhaps encouraged by other equally unstable persons unknown, smashed the front door of the District Office and entered the building.  This is not the type of behavior we expect of citizens of our home town.  Here in Chetwynd we plant flowers, nurture them, and enjoy the beauty of creation.  We take no pleasure in shards of broken glass.  Look around you and take in the full spectrum of color as you travel from home to work to play to visit; sense the aroma of blossoms in full summer glory.  Do you really want to mar these images of the Creator’s wit and wisdom with a pile of broken glass?  Really?

I have called you a Person Unknown.  That’s only partly true.  You are known to yourself and to many others.  Can you look yourself in the eye and take pride in your work?  Did you boast to your mother?  Are your friends proud of you?  Did they urge you on and applaud your ingenuity?   If they are and if they did, they are not your friends.  No friend would stand idly by and urge you on down a path that only has one end – a small grey room with a hard bunk, open toilet, and only one way out through a door that you can’t kick down.  That’s a difficult road to take and I am sure you are not choosing the outcome when you begin your journey.  But the outcome is there, certain, waiting for you.

It’s been a while since we had an incident of this kind of twisted behavior and I was beginning to think that we had moved beyond such vicious Immaturity.  However, where there is breath there is hope.  Maybe the Person Unknown responsible for the act will repent and start down a new path.  I continue to hope and to believe that the kind of bent creativity displayed in this act of vandalism can be reformatted and rechanneled into positive behavior.  It can happen.  Try it.

 Merlin Nichols, Mayor