Open for Business Award - 2018 Winner
The District of Chetwynd is proud to have received the 2018 Open for Business Award!

Mayor’s Column – February 26, 2014

Meet the Mayor

February 26, 2014

More on our home town. Spring’s coming up in a hurry and I’d like to stimulate your fertile imaginations with the possibilities of changing the face of town a little bit at a time wherever you have a bit of influence.

Suppose you owned the Post Office. Just suppose. Nothing else, this is just mind work for now. What could you do to cause the tourist from Baton Rouge to crane her neck for a third look as she drives by and excitedly exclaim, “Wow!”

Suppose you owned Front Counter BC – you know who does. Just suppose. Nothing more. What could you do to impel the jaded, exhausted worker heading for bed in the Pomeroy to pause and take that other look – and promise to move the family to our home town?

Suppose you own the new District Office. Just suppose. In a sense you do own it. But just suppose for the sake of this argument. How will you use your creative talent to make it a thing of beauty in a garden of delights?

Suppose you owned one of the businesses competing for your hard-earned coin along our busy streets. Suppose, for a moment, how you could almost compel a passerby to stop, enjoy, enter, and contribute to your retirement fund. Just suppose. I’m not asking for anything else – for the moment.

Now alter your perspective for a moment. Suppose you are a regular, big-spending customer at an in-town business that could benefit from some of your fantastic ideas. This is not an outlandish thought! Did you ever think of exercising some of your capital to influence your partner in trade to help change the face of our home town?

Your District Council does what it can at budget time to support the beautification of our streets and roads and empty spaces. You know and Council knows that there is a limit to what Council can do just like there is a limit to what the other 3000 of us can do. Council will fund the planting of more flowers this spring and they will brighten our lives. Council may also fund a few more trees along our boulevards. Council has a plan to extend and beautify our walkway from east to west along the boulevard. That is a multi-year project. And we live in the present.

After the snow melts (it will melt), and before the grass grows tall, if 3000 people would get out to clean up the winter’s litter how quickly our streets, vacant lots, ditches, and other places where things were lost during the time of snow, would take on that somebody-cares-enough-to look!

Keeping our living space liveable is a community effort. Whether it involves sand blasting and a few buckets of paint, new fencing, removal of stuff, or picking up what we drop, preferably when we drop it, when we all contribute, first to our own premises and then to the common turf, our town is beautiful.


Merlin Nichols, Mayor