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Mayor’s Column – July 16, 2014

Meet the Mayor

July 16, 2014

Now that summer is fully here you might be wondering what the Mayor and Council are doing. Then again, you might not be thinking of us, being preoccupied in spending your own fleeting summer minutes to the full.

Fact of the matter is, life continues, business continues, things happen in spite of summer sunshine and flowers begging to be smelled. So much so that I am barely keeping up with my own work like I used to keep up. That might have as much to do with a slowing body as with workload of this office. But office workload certainly does have a way with discretionary time. We accept that.

So what is the Mayor doing on July 7 – writing day.  Well, for one thing, I’m putting these marks on paper for your edification and entertainment. The day started with an hour or so of reading to get me up to speed on a variety of issues that just won’t go away.

These issues that won’t go away (and I hope they don’t until they have accomplished their purposes) include the on-going construction of the new Municipal Office. The foundation is looking almost ready to start holding up the superstructure. No, I don’t meddle there, but it’s important to keep in tune with developments.

There is a Site C Regional Local Government Committee meeting on July 16 to review developments to date. That’s Echo publication day so I will be there as you read this piece of modern literature. And, I intend to be informed for the discussion – that will take some time between then and now. Perhaps I’ll return with fresh insights to share with you.

There is no abating of Peace River Regional District activity during the dog days of summer (dog days: the hottest period of the year; reckoned in antiquity from the heliacal rising of the dog star). The issues that generate the greatest interest – land development and related topics – seem just to keep on rolling. That’s good. It shows that interest in life does not diminish just because summer is almost over. After two years and a few months in office I finally calculated that just attending the regular meetings of the PRRD Board occupies a full month from every year. Then there are the attendant committees to which I have been appointed. Water Stewardship, one of them, happens this afternoon (July 7) in Fort St. John.

You might question the purpose of the Water Stewardship Committee (WS) – as you should. The WS monitors quantity, quality, and use of surface and ground water in the region. With the expanding pace of industrial activity in our various watersheds it is crucial to keep track, and as much control as possible (not much), on the use of our water. The WS Committee through the PRRD Board has contracted with a scientific group to do the technical work in our region and report to the Board.

Well, that’s it for this week.


Merlin Nichols, Mayor