Open for Business Award - 2018 Winner
The District of Chetwynd is proud to have received the 2018 Open for Business Award!

Mayor’s Column – July 9, 2014

Meet the Mayor

July 9, 2014

I recently took a drive around this town of ours and you’ll be pleased at what I am able to report. You have good reason to be pleased.

Our town is beautiful and getting more so every day. Not just the publicly kept boulevards with their trees and flowers, but your own residential properties. If you take the same drive I took and look at the same front yards that I saw you’ll be pleased, too, that Chetwynd residents are taking pride in their living space – as they should.

Of course I wouldn’t have expected anything else but still it was good to confirm what I knew to be true. Now a question: how can we capitalize on the natural beauty of our surroundings combined with the enhanced beauty of so many of your residential properties to make Chetwynd the most desirable place in the whole north east to put down roots and grow a family?

I know I’ve talked about the importance of beautiful surroundings for the last three years but now I want to hear from you. If my guess is right, you must be brimming with ideas, some of which will be too costly, some will be impractical, but many will be worth pursuing vigorously.

The Beautiful Gardens event has been a huge success every year in promoting community beautification and I commend Leo Sabulsky and his crew for the hours of work contributed to the project. Communities in Bloom, an international organization dedicated to promoting flowery living spaces, has also drawn our attention to the importance of beautiful surroundings – surroundings that attract people and invite them to stay while, at the same time, they enhance the health and vitality of those who already live here. I guess what I’m thinking of is a way to build on these foundations, already solidly laid, to create a growing culture of beauty in our home town.

Well, I guess I’m not really thinking of how to create this culture. I am at the stage of thinking about thinking about how this culture could be created and supported.

So, let me prime your pump and leave it to you to generate the ideas as you assiduously root out the chick weed and stinging nettles from your petunias, marigolds, snap dragons, and baby’s breath.

Ideas start here: block themes; street themes; informal competitions. I’ll stop with three and invite you to pick up the flowerpot and run with it.

I repeat: what I saw in my tour around town made me smile. So many of you do care about your surroundings – you cared enough to put in time, energy, seeds, and transplants. And then you watered them, pruned them, trained them, and weeded them.

I think you probably did all this work for your own satisfaction because you love a beautiful garden. But I thank you for the results of your efforts that so richly enhance the beauty of the street on which you live.

Merlin Nichols, Mayor