Open for Business Award - 2018 Winner
The District of Chetwynd is proud to have received the 2018 Open for Business Award!

Mayor’s Column – June 4, 2014

Meet the Mayor

June 4, 2014

Second-to-none, quality health-care delivery is much on our minds and in our conversations among Administration, Mayor, and Council. We want it to be on your minds, too.

Health care is a big issue and, as we mature, it seems to be even more important to us as individuals and as a community of maturing citizens. Your Mayor, Council, and Administration (hereafter called the Team) of the District of Chetwynd could be rightly criticized if we did not explore every option to ensure that Chetwynd has a stable complement of physicians and other health-care professionals working from facilities that represent the best that Chetwynd can offer at a cost that is affordable to the citizens.

The Team does not want to be criticized on this issue – though that is not a motive in our vigorously pursuing the route we think is best. We sincerely want the best for health-delivery services for Chetwynd, and, as Mayor, I am going to push for this goal as long as I am in office.

But we don’t intend to do this alone. In fact, we wouldn’t do it alone even if we could.

The Team has explored a number of options that looked promising. So far, no option involving the private sector or any combination of public and private sectors will bring this dream to reality within the deadlines that we believe are crucial to health care in Chetwynd. Time will not wait for us so we must move ahead with the option that appears to have success built into it.

As for your role in moving the project from concept to completion, it is more important than you might think. Without community buy-in Council will not have the social license or the right to pass the bylaws that legally allow the various actions that end in a finished product that will be an asset to the community and a beautiful complement to that part of town.

To facilitate your sharing your thoughts on this project, the District has organized a public open house on June 9. A late-afternoon session and an early-evening session at the Rec Centre will allow most of you to meet with the Team and view concept drawings and the business plan. Please mark your calendars as we very much wish to meet with you.

As you will be learning, if you haven’t already learned, the District of Chetwynd owns attractive property opposite the Post Office that is ideally situated to serve as the site of your new Health Services Centre. This preferred site for the comprehensive health services facility we envision can be subdivided and serviced by the District at a reasonable cost to the project.

Imagine the finished product: nestled against a backdrop of trees that borders Windrem Creek, the facility itself will contribute to the health of the community. No kidding! Trees, flowers, green grass – all of these created and beautiful things reduce our tensions and stress and elevate our health-giving endorphins.


Merlin Nichols, Mayor