Open for Business Award - 2018 Winner
The District of Chetwynd is proud to have received the 2018 Open for Business Award!

Mayor’s Column – March 12, 2014

Meet the Mayor

March 12, 2014

Well, we did it. On March 3; at about 4:55 as we battled a noisy furnace, bad air, and poor lighting in the old Council Room. It’s done! That is your Mayor and Council finally have cast the vote to approve the contract with the builder of your new city hall. Weather permitting, you can count the days until construction begins in earnest. Occupancy is scheduled for January, 2015 with some external work to be completed in the following summer. Exciting, isn’t it? Of course it is! Past exciting! We’ve waited years for this to happen. Now our waiting is about to end.

While a few have questioned the need for a new City Hall, most have applauded the efforts to improve the quality of life for District staff and set a new standard for public facilities in our home town.

There will be several efficiencies in the new building that we don`t even dream of in the old. The modern technology worked into the building envelope enclosing high-efficiency heating and cooling systems means that there will be adequate fresh air continually circulating throughout the building keeping the working environment both healthy and comfortable. And that could translate into higher staff morale and even a quicker turn around for you when you come to pay your taxes. (In case you have forgotten, this long-awaited improvement to our community will not result in higher taxes.)

The kinder-to-the-environment and more cost-efficient LED lighting will help to reduce the stress on the workers. They`ll be even kinder to you when you visit.

A very special feature of the new office is the Dignitary`s Room. That`s what we will be calling you when you need a quiet, private office space to meet a visiting government official such as your MP, MLA or Area E Director.

Mayor and Council, working with your District Administration, have authorized Development Permit Guidelines to, as the title implies, guide you in planning the appearance of public, commercial, and industrial buildings. These guidelines are, in fact, requirements that the developer must meet before a permit to build is issued.

The District of Chetwynd has followed its own guidelines in planning your new City Hall. In keeping with the values articulated in the Guidelines, the exterior of the building will feature much wood and rock. Grass, shrubs, trees, and wood sculptures will enhance the beauty of the setting.

Inside you will be greeted by the even-now-always friendly staff in a pleasant, professional working environment. The Council Chamber is separated from the Reception area by a comfortable public waiting room. No longer will you have to negotiate narrow halls and tables weighted down with old files to find the Council Chamber.

Worker offices are grouped for efficiency with the Mayor`s office upstairs sandwiched between the CAO and the Director of Corporate Administration where there is little chance of getting into trouble. Visitors have the option of climbing stairs or taking the elevator. See you there soon.


Merlin Nichols, Mayor