Open for Business Award - 2018 Winner
The District of Chetwynd is proud to have received the 2018 Open for Business Award!

Mayor’s Column – March 5, 2014

Meet the Mayor

March 5, 2014


Further to my theme of the last two weeks, I am still focusing on the core value of an attractive home town. There are many things that attract potential residents including the staying power of a vigorous economy built on the solid values of industry and diligence. Chetwynd has a vigorous economy. More than that, we have excellent recreational facilities in town and out. We have a lovely library with the capacity to find books that most of us haven’t heard about. Our schools send out grads who can compete with the best for employment and for post-secondary training. Our internet capability is bordering on totally satisfactory.

What more can we ask for? We’d like to enhance our complement of medical professionals. We’re not alone in the area in this respect. While we want to cooperate and be good neighbours, we recognize that every other community in the region is scrambling to sink their hooks into medical professionals and draw them in. The nurse or doctor who moves to Chetwynd does not settle in Fort Nelson. It seems to be the way of life – the dollar we spend here can’t be spent there.

Which brings me to the point of my song: creating a visually attractive community, though not bankrupting, does cost. But it probably costs more in lost opportunity than in actual out-of-pocket dollars. By lost opportunity I mean that the time you spend prettying up your façade is not available for shooting the breeze with your buddies. You’ve got to make choices from time to time. Chances are, your buddies will give you the thumbs up for your efforts to enhance their visual perspective.

Please forgive me for playing again on this fiddle but I told you this was the music I loved.

Now, here’s the rest of the song.

Help is on the way.

The District of Chetwynd, with funds channeled from the Northern Development Initiative Trust and not redirected from your pockets, is making available the 2014 Business Façade Improvement Program. Are you excited?

Under this beauty-loving program, up to $5,000 in grant money is available for approved façade-enhancement projects on Chetwynd businesses. Meaning? Here’s the meaning: If your store front or business front would be made more attractive with a well-planned and expertly executed face lift that conforms to the Development Permit Guidelines, your project may be eligible for up to $5,000 in matching funds from the Northern Development Initiative Trust and brokered through the District Office.

Did I say matching? I did. If you think you can use the big 5 you’ve got to demonstrate your sincerity by matching it with the same.

Are you still excited?


There are only four grants available for 2014. If you want to demonstrate your commitment to the beauty of Chetwynd in this way, prompt action is advised. If you do carry out your plans, your friends and your customers will thank you for showing wisdom, foresight, and good business sense.


Merlin Nichols, Mayor