Open for Business Award - 2018 Winner
The District of Chetwynd is proud to have received the 2018 Open for Business Award!

Mayor’s Report – December 10, 2014

Meet the Mayor

December 10, 2014


Four members of the former Council plus the Mayor, seasoned by heat and sweat, have been returned to Council. With two new members we are eager to get on with the work we were elected to do. For all of us, however, it is important to reflect on our roles and remember why we are here.

Municipal government is governed by the senior governments. Rules, protocols, and financial constraints restrict as well as guide and enable.

Our role as Mayor and Council is to govern, not to do. Simply stated, that means that Mayor and Council sets the vision, adopts the Official Community Plan, passes the bylaws, establishes limits, and approves tax rates.

Council’s main role is to create the environment in which Administration can do its job of running the town with a degree of confidence that tomorrow will bring few surprises. Council and Mayor want Administration to have the latitude to do its job professionally, competently, and with as much dispatch as possible.

Big things could happen over the next four years. Chetwynd needs to be ready for good times. We must especially be ready for hard times. And no one can promise that they will not come.

When we look back over the last three years we can see improvements to our community that have added to the high quality of life we enjoy. Mayor and Council, working closely with Administration, will continue that work.

Among the challenges we face as a community we still find recruitment and retention of professional workers of various skills.

At the top of many lists are the medical professionals, not limited to physicians.

While this is understandable, there are other types of professional worker that we need very much: Our vigorous and expanding industrial sector is continually challenged to recruit, house, and keep its complement of skilled workers.

Trades people are at a premium and we value their services highly – especially when the furnace craters on a cold day.

As your new Mayor and Council, we see among our many duties over the next term continuing guidance to Administration as we work together to help Chetwynd reach its potential as an attractive, welcoming, home-oriented, business-oriented, supportive community. This is our vision and our goal.

Mayor and Council will apply ourselves to careful scrutiny of community needs to ensure that nothing is overlooked in the planning. Infrastructure development will receive high priority for present use and potential development; safety on our streets will be part of our discussions and actions; in all our planning, the human resource component of the District will not be overlooked as we endeavour to maintain fair and equitable working conditions for the staff.

I will continue to keep my door open to those who wish to speak with me about your hopes and desires for our shared community. I am sure Council is equally eager to listen. You are welcome to share your hopes, your ideas, and your concerns with us.


Merlin Nichols, Mayor