Open for Business Award - 2018 Winner
The District of Chetwynd is proud to have received the 2018 Open for Business Award!

Mayor’s Report – January 2, 2014

Meet the Mayor

January 2, 2014

Christmas has passed and the New Year has begun. My hope and effort will be directed this year toward the peace, prosperity, happiness, and health of our home town. I am glad that you are reading this column because that, alone, is proof that you are still in the land of the living and breathing, contributing along with your friends and neighbours to the peace, prosperity, happiness, and health of our home town. It’s good to have you with us! It’s good to have the assurance that you are sharing with the rest of us the burdens and cares of community.

There are burdens and cares associated with community – volunteering for one of the many needs of community that are not covered in the municipal budget; keeping your little part of our space in good operating condition; teaching the young people within your sphere of influence how to be good citizens; and the many others not included in this short list.

Late in the old year you may have seen hope-inspiring notices in the news papers: Workers Wanted; Workers Wanted. When I noticed the ads I took a second look and, given the limits of the information, I began to speculate – but you can do your own speculating. However, if you are skilled in the operation of bunchers, processors, log trucks, and related equipment you may have already contacted the companies that placed the ads.

I have none of the above named skills. (Until a few months ago I was able to take a bit of pride in still holding a Class 1 with air license; no more. I have been humbled.) Even so, the ads sparked no small surge of excitement as the prospect of increased employment in our home town took an upward turn.

Increased activity in the forest industries will have positive repercussions for all the businesses competing with Dawson Creek, Grande Prairie, and Fort St. John for a share of your hard-earned, discretionary spending. There’s nothing like dropping your coin in your home town to make the streets ring with prosperity. You’ve heard me say it before but I’ll say it again: If you can’t find it in Chetwynd, you don’t need it very badly. It’s a good principle to keep in mind when one of the big box stores is trying to shake you down.

OK, so there might be occasions when you have to go astray to spend your cash. I’m a realist and I know that you might some sunny day find yourself looking covertly over your shoulder as you prowl the aisles of a foreign marketplace. But try to save the bulk of your dimes for the Chetwynd market. In the long run, you’ll find yourself satisfied with the price, with the selection, and with the service that comes with the wide, genuine smile. (My experience.)

Business done in Chetwynd will add vigour to the Chetwynd market that will benefit us all in years to come.


Merlin Nichols, Mayor