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Mayor’s Report – January 29, 2014

Meet the Mayor

January 29, 2014

You and the flu and the District of Chetwynd. It’s flu season again and will be for another month or so. What are you doing to minimize your chances of infection and infecting? Hey, I’m not the doctor so if you’re looking for a quick remedy, don’t look here, look there.

But just how serious would be the economic impact of a major flu outbreak in our home town? Serious indeed. In fact, wage losses alone could run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Production could be cut back by millions if key people are out of commission. And we haven’t even discovered a way to quantify your personal misery.

So let’s quick-quantify your personal misery. You go to bed with a sickly feeling in your throat and you say, “Honey, I think I’m goin’ to be sick. I don’t feel very good.” After a restless night you struggle out of bed onto wobbly legs with nose running and a Baldy-sized head ache beating on your skull. You’re well on your way to full-blown runny nose, streaming eyes, itchy ear canals, aching muscles, and all the other symptoms that accompany a successful invasion of H1N1 or his cousins.

Not symptoms but consequences: disrupted routines, inconveniences, child care interruptions, and holidays cancelled are all part of the cost of falling victim to the virus.

So be smart, be prudent, be courteous and kind, and stay out of my head space if you happen to be a carrier. I’m an old man and I don’t want to inhale any of your contaminated wind. But it seems that age is not the only factor in susceptibility to the pervasive and pernicious virus. Young and old, rich and poor, slave and free, all breathe the same wind and walk the same sod and all are potential victims. We need to look after one another. When more than one person lives on the street each must take care to preserve the freedom of the other to remain healthy and to maintain the general health of the community.

What you can do for yourself and for Chetwynd to minimize our exposure and reduce our chances of contamination or contaminating? You’ve all heard the urgings to get the shot. I can’t comment on that one way or another. It is available. It’s free. It’s choice. It’ll take a bit of your time – but less time than the flu will take. However, one of the best and first things you can do for your own primary care and for all of us is to keep yourself in general good health. It’s not as hard as you might suppose and starting now you could be in top shape for the next flu season. Get the sleep you need. Use copious amounts of Chetwynd’s good mountain water unadulterated with any of the popular additives. Use it within and without. Avoid those sugary things. And yet, too often the best-laid defenses are not enough.


Merlin Nichols, Mayor