Open for Business Award - 2018 Winner
The District of Chetwynd is proud to have received the 2018 Open for Business Award!

Mayor’s Report – November 26, 2014

Meet the Mayor

November 26, 2014


If you have been watching the progress on the clinic across from the post office you will have noticed that it’s starting to look like a building that will soon shed the snow and later the rain. Exciting, isn’t it to see something that we have needed for so long actually coming together with meticulous attention to professionalism as the parts are assembled.

Nothing beats professional carpentry for elegance. Imagine making hundreds of cuts, assembling scores of components and then standing them in place only to discover that they all fit as if they were designed and built for that purpose and place. That’s the way a fine building comes together.

That’s why our medical professionals will be happy and proud to do their magic on our bodies within that facility. The building will complement their high professionalism, skill, and attention to detail.

Which brings me to a topic that may generate a question or even multiple questions:

There are several more acres (fewer hectares) in that clearing opposite the post office. They are serviced at the perimeter and ready to be occupied by some entrepreneurial type with a gift for style and beauty and a drive to make Chetwynd a little more competitive with the towns down the road.

Here’s one question which may not be the first you’d ask but we’ll start here: What sort of business or professional activity could fit comfortably in the same area as a medical clinic? And this question follows: Can Chetwynd support such a business or profession? Which leads to a third: When are you going to start building?

Can you envision an assortment of new-to-Chetwynd professional services or other configurations of business all built with careful attention to complementing the appearance of each. Paved parking lots, walkways, and greenery will separate and connect the separate entities.

Chetwynd is coming of age and we have to continue to plan and build our public facilities to reflect that status. Chetwynd has been in the process of coming of age for more than five decades and each period has reflected the circumstances of the time. I was proud of Chetwynd before pavement came to town, before telephones spoke here, even when we shared the 782 prefix with Dawson Creek.

During those early years it was a challenge to wrest a home out of the wilderness. The Wilderness resisted mightily.  But now the thing has been pushed back to the edge of town – even beyond  in many places and we are free to bring our vision of Chetwynd into the age in which we live.

It would be good to know your vision for Chetwynd. With 3000 souls within our borders, I am sure we have a variety of thoughts on what our town should be and should become. What changes do we need? What are the steps we should be taking now to bring these visions to reality? How do you want Chetwynd to look in ten years?


Merlin Nichols, Mayor