Open for Business Award - 2018 Winner
The District of Chetwynd is proud to have received the 2018 Open for Business Award!

Mayor’s Report – September 10, 2014

Meet the Mayor

September 10, 2014


When I became Mayor of Chetwynd almost three years ago, I made it very clear that my energies would be focused on carrying on the work of those who occupied this office in past years and decades. From the beginning of our town much energy has been directed to turning a pristine wilderness into a pristine community that reflects our values of health and first-rate health care, beauty, sustainability, and mutual support.

I have spoken and written of the importance of taking pride in our town and of the importance of showing that we take pride in the community we call home. Chetwynd is a great place to live. We have much of what most people consider essentials. (And many of the things we don’t want are not here.) Of course there are services that we don’t have but if we cultivate with care the services we already have, some of the desired services may see the business case to locate here.

I am always impressed by the community that endeavours to create an environment of lasting beauty and I have shared my conviction that flowers, shrubs, and trees strategically placed and carefully nurtured will be a major attraction to potential residents both human and commercial. Over the last three years Mayor and Council have worked closely with Administration to ensure that Chetwynd develops in an orderly, sustainable, and attractive manner. Resources have been allocated to improving our streets and walking trails. Our community entrances are being beautified. The annual flowering of our streets has been gratifying to my sense of the beautiful.

Is there more to be done? But of course. As long as the sun shines and the rivers flow there will be work to be done – maintenance of the existing and new projects that now may be only dreams. But some of these are in the planning and execution stages as you read: street improvement plans with the funds to carry them out reach ten years into the future; sewer upgrades are in the early stages; additional fresh water infrastructure placement could be a definite possibility; development of the cross-town walking trails is progressing; additional recreation infrastructure cannot be ruled out. All of this will act to draw new residents to our community and ensure the contentment of those who have made Chetwynd the community that we love.

No, I haven’t forgotten two major facilities now in various stages of construction. Both the Clinic-Wellness Centre and the Municipal Hall will contribute strongly to the vitality of the community. I believe Mayor and Council have demonstrated our confidence in the long-term development of Chetwynd by taking on these projects. By them we encourage others to come up to these standards in new construction and to recognize that Chetwynd is a community that will give strong investment returns for years to come.

And what about me? What will be my role in future developments? I guess that is up to you in November.


Merlin Nichols, Mayor