Open for Business Award - 2018 Winner
The District of Chetwynd is proud to have received the 2018 Open for Business Award!

November 19, 2014 – Mayor’s Report

Meet the Mayor
November 19, 2014

I grew up in this valley before there was a Chetwynd. By our present standards things were pretty rough in those days. Take worker camps as an example. Now we experience the best of the best away from home: comfortable private rooms, recreational facilities, hot showers, the best of good food. We had worker camps back in the 50s, too: tar-paper-shack bunkhouses accommodating six or eight workers who might wash their faces in a pan of cold water before dashing across twenty yards of frozen gumbo to an equally shack-built cookhouse.

How could someone with that background grow up to be an art aficionado? All things are possible.

Doug (Chief Administrative Officer) and Paul (Director of Engineering and Public Works) invited me to tour the under-construction medical clinic with them. Of course I jumped at the chance. And there is where I encountered a marvelous work of art – in progress, to be sure, but still a thing of beauty.

It might be more normal to look at the finished product and admire the lines, colours, textures, and dimensions of the building. And I do. But, as one who has constructed a few buildings, when I look at the finished product I also see beneath the skin to the framework, the bracing, the location of pipes and wires that allow a modern structure to serve our discriminating needs for comfort, communication, and light.

Truly, the clinic is a work of art in progress. One can see at a glance by the way the joins are made, by the precision of the cuts, by the accuracy of placement of the components, and by the obvious planning that determines the stages of construction that the workers are more than workers. They are artists of the highest order. We can be confident that if the framing is done to such professional standards the finished product will satisfy the people of Chetwynd for years to come.

We know that many of you have shown a deep interest in the clinic to the extent of contributing substantially to its construction. (An appreciation wall will become part of the finished work of art and I believe I am not wrong in saying that there is still time to contribute if you are moved to do so). Some of you have also been interested enough to come on to the construction site to see for yourselves the progress of the work.

While your interest is commendable and to be encouraged, it is not advisable for you to come on to the site without proper authority, wearing apparel, and someone from District Office to guide you. Work Safe BC would severely penalize the contractor if someone were found on the site improperly attired. But if you are a contributor to the project and really want to have a tour to see how your donation is being spent, it might be possible to arrange a tour for you. Call Doug at the District office.

Merlin Nichols, Mayor