Open for Business Award - 2018 Winner
The District of Chetwynd is proud to have received the 2018 Open for Business Award!

Mayor’s Report – August 12, 2015

Meet the Mayor

August 12, 2015


I have this flippant little saying that I have used from time to time for as long as I can remember – not really that long in geologic terms, but long enough that some of you likely will have heard it before. It goes like this (and I think we all need to internalize it): If you can’t get it in Chetwynd, you don’t need it very badly. Well, realistically, I know it’s not entirely true. But I like the sentiment. Chetwynd should be our primary source of goods and services.

“But,” you say (and you’re absolutely right), “Chetwynd is a bit short on some of the goods and services outlets.”

I will discuss a few that jump readily to mind: an auto dealership. One sales agent who was here a few weeks ago with that car display and sales blitz was astonished that a community of this size did not already have a resident dealership. So am I. Any takers out there? Land is cheap by Vancouver standards – and even by Prince George standards. The first entrepreneur to set up a dealership will get her pick of the prime sites.

Chetwynd could well handle a law office specializing in general law services. Why should we have to drive to our neighbours to get a signature or transfer a deed? Not that we don’t like our neighbours, we just like to save on gas – and time. While there we likely also eat, perhaps buy groceries or meds, and maybe visit a building supply store. You get the picture, don’t you? It’s great for our neighbours – not that we don’t like our neighbours, mind you; they’re really quite nice.

Which makes us think: another pharmacy? Closer competition? Just walk across the street instead of spending 50 bucks and two hours to visit the neighbours.

How about a clothing store specializing in work and casual wear? 100 Mile has such a store that would suit our needs beautifully. Chetwynd would welcome you and support you if you actually quit talking and act.

Notary Public? Anyone?

And prices? I’ve heard many words about prices in Chetwynd. The fact of the matter is this: volume buying usually results in lower prices. (Being closely associated with a retailer for 18 years, I had a clear view of how prices are set. Some merchants in you know where can sell lower than we can buy wholesale. Business is business!) Our merchants are not out to gouge you. Most of them are bending over sideways (that’s where the pain is) to give you a fair deal. The more of us who resist the temptation to take a long ride to spend our money, the more of us will be buying locally and supporting local merchants with the result that sales volume will increase and prices can be lowered. It takes time and commitment but, in the end, and maybe even before the end, we all benefit.

Now you share a few ideas.


Merlin Nichols, Mayor