Open for Business Award - 2018 Winner
The District of Chetwynd is proud to have received the 2018 Open for Business Award!

Mayor’s Report – July 8, 2015

Meet the Mayor

July 8, 2015


Did you ever think about the spirit of Chetwynd? What is it? What makes us the people that we are? More than that, who are we? Do we differ from the people of Someother Town or, for that matter, Anytown?

Well, to be fair to the good souls of Anytown and Someother Town, if we were to ask them who they are we’d probably find that they are much as we are: ordinary, extraordinary, workers, builders, movers; truck drivers, teachers, firefighters, and all the rest that it takes to make a town run and keep it running.

It was the Canada Day parade that stimulated my musings on who we are. It was a lovely parade in which lovely people lined up to show the spectators how much they love Canada. And the spectators? There wouldn’t be much of a parade without spectators! You were beautiful, too – all of you.

Did you happen to notice the men in Red? Red coats, hats, leather gloves, shiny boots reaching to their knees. Wow! Such dedication! Such spirit! Not a whimper; not a complaint! They endured the heat to demonstrate the spirit of the people of Chetwynd.

From babies in strollers, school children on stilts and their volunteer minders, young ladies on horses, Tansi, our public library (are you a book reader?), Search and Rescue (when you need them, you need them now!), fire trucks (same with them!), Ed Bodo’s wagon and magnificent horses (the transportation that hauled this country’s commerce only sixty short years ago), Broken Arrow, and there were more. If you’re not listed, at least you were seen by hundreds of your friends and neighbours.

All for Canada Day!

And why not celebrate Canada Day? Canada is our home and native land while we walk this sod. There is so much to appreciate in Canada. Virtually all of us enjoy incomes that billions of souls around this world can only experience in their dreams. We can assemble together in twos or threes or scores without a man with a gun telling us to move on. We can speak our minds without fear of reprisal. Our politics may sometimes seem a bit crazy but not even remotely as crazy as politics in half this wide world.

And Canada cares. Canada really does care! The medical attention we take for granted would bankrupt us a few miles to the south – and still we complain. If we forget or neglect to plan for old age we won’t starve. Perhaps no exotic trips, but certainly no starvation. The first twelve years of a life-long experience in learning is provided at minimal cost – not so in very many countries. Yes, Canada cares!

Canada is embedded in the spirit of Chetwynd. It is the thousands of little towns like ours that form the fabric of this country. And it’s Canada that defines the big picture of who we are. That’s why we celebrate Canada; that’s the spirit of Chetwynd.


Merlin Nichols, Mayor