Open for Business Award - 2018 Winner
The District of Chetwynd is proud to have received the 2018 Open for Business Award!

Mayor’s Report – September 2, 2015

Meet the Mayor

September 2, 2015


By now many of you will have at least glimpsed the new sign announcing entrance into Chetwynd’s Industrial Park. Why not take a closer look and appreciate the meaning of the message you are seeing? If you haven’t yet seen it, why not take a spin down Nicholson Road and stop for a close examination of this newest piece of art?

Chetwynd has been carved by success, as we proclaim on our District vehicles and on our web site.

There’s some truth in the assertion but it might have to be carved out of your own experience.

Chetwynd’s carving has been going on for decades.

Many of our people have made wise business decisions that have prospered.

The evidence is here for all to see.

But it’s not only good decisions in isolation that tend to prosperity. Prosperity requires wise decisions in a supportive environment.

We like to take credit for our environment. We speak of our land and soil, our forests, our water, our sub-surface resources, even our wind and sky. Can we really claim them as ours –  any of us?

As it happens, the land, the forests, the water, the wind, and everything below our feet was here a short while before we came on the scene. Someone else put it here. So we really can’t claim absolute ownership. We can only accept our stewardship as a heritage. And it is our privilege as well as our responsibility to manage the environment wisely, use it with discretion, and preserve it for posterity.

As I have noted on other occasions, Chetwynd has been built on wheels. The first wheels into the valley were wagon wheels followed by trucks, cars, busses, and trains.

Many of you doing business in Chetwynd are highly dependent on wheels for your prosperity.

Our Industrial Park sign acknowledges the debt we owe as a community to wheels and the people who keep them spinning. Every day we see loads coming and going: logs, lumber, steel, equipment, and freight of all sorts. Indeed, our debt is great.

You should keep your eyes open for subtle changes in the Industrial Park. The new sign is a symbol of one change – a signal of what the District of Chetwynd is trying to accomplish over time.

Soon you will see another symbol of District goals for the Industrial Park in the improvements that will be carried out on the Public Works Building.

Our goal is gradually to change the character of this part of town better to reflect our community values for beauty and order. Granted, beauty in an industrial park will not look the same as beauty in a residential or professional neighbourhood, but over time we hope change will occur as businesses reflect more and more their own sense of beauty and order.

Congratulations to those who designed and crafted the sign. It is a magnificent addition to Chetwynd’s inventory of art and a statement of appreciation for the people whose hard work keeps Chetwynd moving forward.


Merlin Nichols, Mayor