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Fire Updates

Update on Fires (1500 hrs. at April 20, 2016)

The Wartenbe/Lone Prairie Fire is about 300 hectares and is under the Peace Regional District Region E.  BC Forest Officials said smoke is NOW HIGHLY visible from Chetwynd because the winds are now westerly.

There are no alerts or evacuations in place for this fire.

For more information on alerts and evacuations, call the PRRD Emergency Operations Center at 250 784-3200 or 250 784-4838 to gain more information or to report any concerns.  For Chetwynd, we are not under an alert or evacuation mode.

Leo G. Sabulsky

Fire Chief and Emergency Coordinator


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The Chetwynd Emergency Program has not activated a reception center or an Emergency Operations Center because there are no evacuees in our immediate area or challenges.   We have been fortunate that we have not encountered fires at our boundaries or within our boundaries.

A special thank you is extended to the staff of the Recreation Center for preparing for the possibility of the setup for both but there is no need at this time.

The Chetwynd and its immediate area are facing reduced challenges since the Wartenbe Fire near Lone Prairie is under control and the Jackfish and Hwy 29 S areas within the PRRD were handled by volunteers and residents.    The PRRD is in charge of these sites and can be contacted by residents.

Our NFAC crew is in place and has crews from Mackenzie are assisting.

Showers are predicted for tomorrow so a stand down overall may very well happen by Friday.

All is good and a thank you to the many who have volunteered their services.   Residents who have noticed persons burning grass, using incinerators or having non-regulation cam fires have called in and I or the department will respond immediately.



Tuesday, April 19, 2016

The fire on the horizon which can be seen in the Chetwynd area originates on the north side of Mount Wartenbe above Lone Prairie and is about 15  km from Chetwynd.   At this time, the fire is not threatening residents or their homes.  BC Forest Service is monitoring the situation.   The fire started at about 7:00 pm yesterday.  Some residents are fighting the fire with heavy machinery.  For updates, call the PRRD Emergency Operations Center at 250 784-3200 or 250 784-4838.