Open for Business Award - 2018 Winner
The District of Chetwynd is proud to have received the 2018 Open for Business Award!

Mayor’s Report – April 20, 2016

April 20, 2016


Spring has sprung in our wide and wonderful land. And with the spring come the things of spring: warm days, blue birds, little things that sting or bite, garden seeds, and shovels. And the winter snow has disappeared here in the lower country – what a wonderful feeling to plant the feet on the good earth and experience the friction.

Not that I don’t enjoy the blessings of the snow. Skis never function at their best on sand, clay, or gravel. But there is something about spring that warms my soul as well as my body. It’s the regeneration of life with its promise of harvest to come.

There is also something very revealing about spring after the sun has taken the last vestiges of winter. Yes, you can all see it: a piece here and another bit there. The litter of winter that had been lost in the snow comes to light. Spring is clean-up time. In our personal space most of us have already been out with spring-time tools bring order to the tracks of winter. How it satisfies to stand back and survey the results. Ah, spring!

But there’s public space shared by all of us. I didn’t drop that old leather glove; why should I pick it up? Why should you? Because you live here, I live here, because we share a common home and every litter bit casts a shadow on you just as it does on me.

You can be sure that I do what I can to keep our home town clean; I pick up what I drop and I even pick up what other people drop, and I will participate in a common undertaking to clean up the bits and pieces that got lost under the snow during the months of the long dark.

But spring is more than time to clean house – though that it is! It’s a time for ensuring that we have the colors of summer – the greens, the yellows, the whites, the purples, and all the other colors that the Creator invented in the beginning of time. It’s planting time; it’s digging time; it’s pruning time; it’s time to prepare the garden and sow the seeds that will produce the crops of color and taste.

Yes, it’s a wide and wonderful land of four distinct seasons that shower us with the bounties of each. I know we all love to take pride in our land of four seasons. I am sure that during this season of cleaning, of digging, and of planting that each one who can, will participate. Granted, not everyone has access to a plot of land on which to plant beets and peonies, but each one who can has access to a pair of gloves and a black bag to contain the scraps that have been concealed during the dark days.

And those who can’t… Well, you can. You can encourage, prod, and plead; make the rest of us get out and do.


Merlin Nichols, Mayor