Open for Business Award - 2018 Winner
The District of Chetwynd is proud to have received the 2018 Open for Business Award!

Mayor’s Report – January 6, 2016

Mayor’s Column
What makes a community functional? The answers may vary, depending on whom you ask. If we were to study our property tax breakdown, we would find services that we pay for, yet don’t personally use. Seniors may wonder why they pay for schools (although I have never heard of a senior expressing this as a concern). People who never step foot into our rec centre may wonder why they have to pay for it. Some people never attend church and yet there are many in town. These services are all essential to a town and very important to all of us, whether we use them personally or not. I am reminded of the pebble in the pond analogy. You can thrown a small pebble into a large pond and the ripple will touch every piece of shore.
Someone may not use the schools in town or the rec center. Medical services though, are essential to everyone in all stages of life. Recruiting medical professionals to a town that doesn’t have schools, the rec centre, churches and so on would be next to impossible. Everything that is available in town, whether used by us or not, helps to make Chetwynd complete.
This brings to light those individuals that go above and beyond normal obligations to bring programs and activities to our town. These include, but are not limited to minor hockey, figure skating, curling, karate, arts council, and many more. We all know these people. These people dedicate their time and efforts to better our community. Our children may or may not play hockey but what would our town look like if minor hockey didn’t exist? The same goes for figure skating, art programs, coffee houses and so on and so on. Amazing talent can be seen at the library with the monthly coffee houses. The skating carnivals are always a great event at Christmas and spring. There is usually a hockey game to go watch on a quiet weekend which also benefits the hotels and restaurants from out of town teams. There is plenty of opportunity for people to develop their talents in art and opportunities for the rest of us to view these works at exhibits. Soccer, youth softball, the Chamber of Commerce and slow pitch are all good examples of what makes a town functional. Thanks to the hard work of volunteers, many activities are available for us to enjoy at our leisure.
I would like to use this avenue to extend my warm gratitude to all these individuals and groups who dedicate their time and efforts for Chetwynd’s benefit. If Chetwynd only had what I used personally on a regular basis, it would not be operative. As a community, we all benefit from the wide range of activities and programs that are available to us. This also makes Chetwynd more of a desirable community for people to move to and make their home. These individuals who volunteer deserve our appreciation for helping make Chetwynd functional.
Thank You.
Coun. Clay Bassendowski