Open for Business Award - 2018 Winner
The District of Chetwynd is proud to have received the 2018 Open for Business Award!

Mayor’s Report – March 2, 2016

It’s no secret that the economy is going through difficult times right now, the negative effects of which no doubt have an effect on Chetwynd’s business community.

The subject of shopping local is a well debated and sometimes heated topic. I will make no attempt to try and prove that shopping local is cheaper. I’m sure that item to item, many things are cheaper in larger centers. It’s reasonable to think that large retailers are able to buy in quantities that reflect a lower cost. I choose to trust that the business owners in Chetwynd are charging me a fair price that reflects their cost and a profit that allows them to pay their expenses and make a little bit of money.
After all, that is what we all get up in the morning to do. More days then not, we get out of bed and leave our families in the pursuit of money. I work five days and get two days off. It hardly seems fair but that’s life.

When I only get two out of seven days off to spend with my family, I refuse to spend one of those days driving them to the city to go from store to store to store. We don’t have to watch the news long to see that our kids need us. Our kids need our time and attention while doing healthy activities. I do my best to enjoy every stage in my daughter’s life and still the years go by too quickly. I think about the future when we look back on these days. I want her to remember camping, boating, hiking Baldy, skiing, riding bikes, being lazy and doing nothing else but talk until noon, playing board games and so on. I don’t want her remembering a car ride to the city to save a few bucks on groceries. What kind of price can be put on these years? It is highly likely that budgets can be trimmed in other ways that still allow us to spend quality time with our families. Not to mention that in an age where weight-related illnesses are crippling our health-care system, perhaps the jumbo box of sugary snacks at the large retailer isn’t a good idea anyway. It is highly possible that given the chance, Chetwynd’s local merchants will pleasantly surprise you.

Those that choose to take their business outside of Chetwynd, please drive safely but consider this: Nothing is gained by publicly shaming businesses in town. Everybody needs the businesses in town and their doors are always found when something is needed and it isn’t convenient to make the long journey to the city. I’m sure that no one wants to see them close so it confuses me to hear of their
being talked about negatively on occasion. Let it be noted that these businesses support our local economy, provide jobs for our citizens, pay taxes that support services in Chetwynd, and sponsor local functions and events.
Coun. Bassendowski