Open for Business Award - 2018 Winner
The District of Chetwynd is proud to have received the 2018 Open for Business Award!

Below is a Summary of the Fourth Day at UBCM – September 13, 2018

UBCM September 13, 2018


Below is a Summary of UBCM on September 13, 2018 from Councillor Deck

Good morning. We have had a busy morning already. CAO Carol Newsom, Councillor Galbraith and myself had a meeting with BC Hydro reps in regards to controlled railway crossings. With increased railway traffic and more whistles going day and night we have asked for there assistance in getting controlled crossings as opposed to the whistle system. This was Councillor Brownlee’s idea who was unable to attend the conference due to other obligations.


Below is a Summary of UBCM on September 13, 2018 from Councillor Galbraith

  • Great information on regulating and enforcing short term rentals within municipalities and the steps needed when developing regulations.  Municipalities who rely on tourism faced many challenges with short-term accommodations, but have now regulated how residents and property owners can legally conduct Short Term Rentals through licensing and regulations to provide supplemental income.
  • The importance of having bylaws in place and working collaboratively with RCMP.  From some of the conversation in the room, I’m so glad we have a great working relationship with our local RCMP.  UBCM’s theme this year: Communication Collaboration Cooperation!
  • How municipalities are working towards building relationships with indigenous communities, and their success stories.  Hearing from both the importance of communication and working together for a healthy and successful relationship.