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November 16, 2020 Mayor’s Column – COVID 19 (submitted by Coun. Bassendowski)

The Covid-19 pandemic has been center of our thinking for months. I’m certain that everyone is familiar with it’s challenges. In fact, I would be so bold as to say that most people reading this, have been negatively affected in some way. I’m also sure that most are aware that infections are on the rise since Thanksgiving, to no surprise of health professionals.

Covid-19 is a world problem, but I think it’s time that we started tackling it at a local level. The sooner everyone does the same, the sooner we can flatten the curve. I still hear people saying that this is all an over reaction, and maybe even a conspiracy theory. I’m not here to agree or disagree.  Does it really matter what we think?  If it is a giant conspiracy, it is still here, it is spreading, and as long as it is, we will have restrictions on our lives. So, to anyone who, after all this time, is debating the relevance of the rules, I say, “Who Cares!” It is here; as a result, we have rules, and as law abiding citizens, we need to follow rules. What happens if we don’t? Are the rules being enforced? If there are no consequence to disobeying rules, they may as well not be there. We need to support the people enforcing these rules and keeping us safe.

Finally, we are all taking what we feel are acceptable risks through this pandemic. I would urge everyone to think about the risks that they are taking and remember that every risk you take is a risk that you are taking for yourself, your family, the people you share a workspace with, and everyone with whom you interact. It also puts a risk on the continued luxuries that we have been given back like going to school, recreational activities, and minor sports.

The schools and minor sports are doing well. Why? Because when children are told something, they listen. They do not normally question the relevance of the rule. I know the reaction that I just received from many of you, but please consider what I just said.  When schools resumed classes, the kids were given rules and they are following them, and our education system is functioning well. It is not the schools I’m seeing spread the virus. I do not believe that it’s because kids do not carry the virus. It is because they follow the rules. Are we as adults following all the rules set out by our health authority? Did your Thanksgiving dinner have fewer than five people over the occupants of your house? If not, it is our children that will suffer. Wouldn’t it be a tragedy if schools and minor sports were shut down, when it was that demographic of the population that listened and followed the rules. As adults, we have had our chance to be kids. Let’s do our part to extend that opportunity to our children, this is the only chance they will have.

Coun Bassendowski