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The District of Chetwynd is proud to have received the 2018 Open for Business Award!

Draft Official Community Plan

Official Community Plan Update – Media Outreach

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  1. Our New Official Community Plan is almost ready! Over the past year, the District of Chetwynd staff have been working on updating the Official Community Plan. You may remember that the District has reached out to the community for input through social media posts, surveys, and other events. We have taken the feedback provided and incorporated it into the OCP. We now have an updated draft of the OCP for you to view and see what is new, and what has been updated.

If you have any questions, or would like more information on the updates made to the OCP, please contact Carol Newsom, CAO at or at 250-401-4104

  1. Recap: What is an Official Community Plan? An Official Community Plan is the highest-level policy document – it informs and guides how the community grows for the next 15+ years. The Official Community Plan sets out the vision, objectives, and policies that will guide the future growth and development of the District of Chetwynd. For more information, check out the District’s website at


  1. What we heard from you! During the community engagement phase of this OCP update, residents of Chetwynd expressed that they enjoy having access to the outdoors, living in a small town and being close to family. Residents praised Chetwynd’s recreational programs and recycling program and have a desire to see more of these programs available. Residents see Chetwynd in the future as relatively the same, but slightly larger and with more businesses and services. There is a desire to have more accessible services within Chetwynd, such as health care and transportation services.


  1. What has been updated? We have updated the 2016 Official Community Plan with new and improved sections. Updates were made to the land use planning, community development and development permit areas sections. New additions were made on community goals and a visioning statement for Chetwynd 2040, and an emphasis on new policies around partnership, inclusion and accessibility. Check out the 2021 draft here: 2021-06-24 Chetwynd OCP_Revised_Draft            2021-05-27-1320009801-Mapping-Draft-Revised-Compressed


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Recap: What is an Official Community Plan?

An Official Community Plan is the highest level policy document for a municipality – it informs and guides how the community grows for the next 15+ years. The Official Community Plan is a bylaw adopted by Council that sets out the vision, objectives and policies that will guide the future growth and development of Chetwynd. It integrates policies on land use, economic development, environmental stewardship, municipal services and infrastructure, transportation, protective services, community facilities and services to set out a clear path for elected officials and staff to follow. It’s like a roadmap for the District into the future!


  1. Why do we need an Official Community Plan?

An Official Community Plan guides every decision by Council and Staff so that they remain on track with what the community has said is important. That being said, an Official Community Plan does not commit or authorize a municipality to proceed with any project identified in the Plan. The Official Community Plan provides a regulatory framework to guide how the District evaluates and approves future development. It will provide clear direction for how Chetwynd should grow in the coming years so that growth is well planned and supports the community’s vision for the future.


  1. Who creates the Official Community Plan?

Our community does. Every person is asked to provide some input:  District Council, District staff, First Nations, community groups, stakeholders, government agencies, children, seniors etc.  Council will adopt an Official Community Plan that they believe best represents the interests and objectives of Chetwynd as a whole.

  1. What was changed since the 2016 OCP?

This 2021 Official Community Plan builds upon the great work that went into the 2016 Official Community Plan. While many components have been carried over and expanded upon, this Official Community Plan also contains many new sections and some re-organization. The following sets out the sections in this Official Community Plan and identifies which are new and which are carried over and expanded:

  • Section 1.0 – Introduction – this section describes the context of an Official Community Plan, its legislative requirements, why one is needed and when it should be updated. It also highlights what is new in this Official Community Plan and how to use it.
  • Section 2.0 – Community Visioning and Goals – this new section provides an overview of the process undertaken to develop this Official Community Plan, a summary of the community engagement that was undertaken, and the overarching themes that arose. This section also communicates the vision and goals for the community.
  • Section 3.0 – Community Context – this section is updated and expanded on from the previous Official Community Plan. A more in-depth examination is provided on the history of Chetwynd, climate, and overall regional context.
  • Section 4.0 – Community Profile – this new section provides a current overview of the demographic and economic context of Chetwynd, using data from reputable and up-to-date statistical sources.
  • Section 5.0 – Community Development – many of the subsections within this section have been carried over and updated. This section includes new policies on Partnerships and Inclusion & Creating an Inclusive and Accessible Chetwynd.
  • Section 6.0 – Land Use Plan – much of the content contained within this section is carried over from the previous Official Community Plan. New land use designations reflect a refinement from more general land uses in order to provide increased guidance for future development.
  • Section 7.0 – Development Permit Areas – this section has been refreshed to reflect current best practices related to new development.
  • Section 8.0 – Implementation – this section has been refreshed to provide clearer direction on how this Official Community Plan will be implemented over time.


  1. Who can I contact for more information?


Carol Newsom
Chief Administrative Officer