Open for Business Award - 2018 Winner
The District of Chetwynd is proud to have received the 2018 Open for Business Award!

Mayor’s Report – April 19, 2022

Steve Dowling is now the new Northern Lights Campus Administrator here in Chetwynd and Tumbler Ridge. Steve reached out to me and the District’s CAO. We scheduled to meet the morning of April 4, 2022 just to make introductions.

Steve is new to this sector of business/education but does come from the office of Minister Of Transportation & Infrastructure.

I also dropped in at the Job Fair at NLC on April 14; it was very pleasing to see people in the hallways at the College once again. The District of Chetwynd looks forward to doing business once again with Northern Lights College.

On April 6, I attended the Local Government Leadership Academy in Richmond BC. The key note speaker our own Medical Health Officer Doctor Bonnie Henry.

It was quite a nice experience to hear her in person, she received one of two standing ovations when she was introduced to the delegates. Dr Bonnie Henry is the same person you see during the Covid updates; she is soft spoken and a delightful speaker. She also had genuine stories of good people, including a story about her neighbour who was an anti-vaxer. She went on to say about her neighbour ‘’When a protester came to my residence and made it a point to voice their opinion on my front lawn my anti-vax neighbour was one of the first to defend my private space.” She continued, noting neighbours may have different opinions but we can all be neighbours!

She did give us some insight on the catch phrase “Be Kind, Be Calm, Be Safe.” She had no closing phrase or words for the people who were anxious and worried. During her second covid update she coined the phrase. One delegate that went up to the mike during Q&A said “you’re a rock star Doctor,” and I believe this when the second standing ovation occurred. There are some awesome people in our world and I witnessed one of those genuinely good people in Doctor Bonnie Henry.

The session on Indigenous Realities in BC a stronger foundation for positive local government and indigenous relationships detailed what the effects of today’s reality brings, working on being neighbours with our First Nations on economics and cultural values to move forward together in a meaningful way. A story told by Councillor John Jack about the church still standing in the community of Huu-ay-aht First Nation near Port Alberni described how members were still traumatized and not going back to their community because of the trauma incurred by the Residential School, and the church was a symbol of these atrocities.

District of Chetwynd Council was mentioned in a presentation by Christina Benty during Christina Benty`s presentation on Asset Management. Christina pointed out the Council worked very well together. Christina was pleased to know that there are good governance models in local government and Chetwynd set a very good example of that.

The Lidstone & Company Law Corporation presentation Equity, Diversity and Inclusion pointed out that racism and discrimination are fundamental issues facing organizations of all kinds and society as a whole.

MLA for Cowichan Valley Sonia Furstenau Leader of The Green Party addressed the delegates.

Minister of Municipal Affairs Nathan Cullen addressed the delegates and one of the topics that everyone in the province is dealing with came up; that is the housing or lack of affordable housing in our province. The whole LGLA was great for catching up with friends and making new friends.

The end message from all presenters was that good people run for elected official positions because they care for the community they represent.

Peace River Regional District – the PRRD had a Broadband Internet & Mobility meeting with respect to the $830 million that the Government of Canada is providing to promote connectivity in rural areas and underserved communities. They are looking for partners to work with on this very important subject.