Open for Business Award - 2018 Winner
The District of Chetwynd is proud to have received the 2018 Open for Business Award!


2022 Election

Official Election Results – October 19, 2022

Preliminary Election Results October 15, 2022


The local government election is scheduled for October 15, 2022, at the District of Chetwynd Municipal Office from 8:00am to 8:00pm.  Advance voting opportunities will take place from 8:00am to 8:00pm at the District of Chetwynd Municipal Office on October 5th an d October 12th.

Nomination packages can be picked up at the District of Chetwynd Municipal Office.  Packages can also be sent via email on request.

Key Dates for the 2022 General Local Elections

January 1, 2022 – September 16, 2022 Election Period
August 2, 2022 Nomination packages available
August 30, 2022 – September 9, 2022 Nomination period (begins at 9:00am August 30th and ends at 4:00pm September 9th)
September 17, 2022 – October 15, 2022 Campaign period
October 5, 2022 Advance Voting Day
October 12, 2022 Advance Voting Day
October 15, 2022 General Voting Day
January 13, 2023 Financing disclosure statement filing day
February 23, 2023 Financing disclosure statement late filing deadline with $500 late filing fee

Submitted Nomination Documents

Below is a list of submitted nomination documents, in the order, they were received.

Candidates for Mayor

Candidates for Councillor

Declaration of Candidates (Close of Extended Nomination Period)

Declaration of Candidates

Declaration of Election by Voting

Declaration of Election by Acclamation

Notice of Election by voting, acclamation and Advance voting opportunities



Bylaw 1072, 2018 Election and Assent Voting

Bylaw 1073, 2018 Automated Vote Counting System Authorization and Procedure

Bylaw 1074, 2018 Mail Ballot Authorization and Procedure

New for 2022 Elections

New residents no longer need to be living in Chetwynd for at least 30 days to be eligible to vote. Read the changes to the Local Elections Campaign Financing Act (LECFA for the 2022 Municipal Election).
Voter Registration will be on the day you vote (see Voting Guidelines).

Notice of Nomination

Contact Information

For further information regarding Chetwynd’s municipal elections, please contact:

Deanne Ennis
Chief Election Officer
5400 Hospital Road
Chetwynd, BC V0C 1J0
Tel: 250-401-4105
Lenora Wilfur
Deputy Election Officer
5400 Hospital Road
Chetwynd, BC V0C 1J0
Tel: 250-401-4109