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Animal Control

Report a Stray Dog

Contact Animal Control at 250-401-4100

FAQ Animal Control

2020 Dog Licensing Application


Schedules and Appendix

SCHEDULE “A” – License Fees Fee Early Purchase
1. Neutered male or spayed female dog $12.00 $9.00
2. Intact Dog $36.00 $27.00
3. Kennel  License $75.00 $75.00


SCHEDULE “B” – for Replacement Tags Fee Seniors
1. Replacement of lost or stolen tag $4.00 $2.00
2. Substitute for current tag from another jurisdiction (Proof of original purchase required) $6.00 $3.00

For a complete listing of fees and charges please refer to the Bylaw.

All costs incurred will be charged against the owner.

Dangerous Dog Requirements

A dog that has been deemed Dangerous by the District of Chetwynd must be housed and walked in a specfic fashion to ensure public safety.  When a Dangerous dog is impounded for whatever reason, the District of Chetwynd has a couple of options based on the circumstances of each case and actual temperament of the dog.  The owner of the dog must fill in an application for the release of the dog, review the conditions for harbouring a dangerous dog, and agree to abide by all of the conditions prior to the dog being released.  If any of the conditions are not adhered to; the District may seize the dog and pursue court action.  The application and conditions can be found by reviewing the Dog Control bylaw.


What is the difference between the SPCA and Dog Control?
Simply put, the SPCA protects animals from people, and Dog Control protects people from animals.


BC SPCA What to Expect When Caring for a Dog