First Aid

Child Care First Aid & CPR-B

Overview of First Aid & CPR techniques taught in an interactive environment, for individuals who care for infants or children at home. It covers skills needed to recognize, prevent and respond to cardiovascular emergencies for adults, children, and babies, CPR Level B, AED, and other topics including choking, airway and breathing emergencies, and prevention of disease transmission. Class length is 8 hours.

Emergency First Aid & CPR-A

This course is designed for people who want general knowledge of first aid principals and the emergency treatment of injuries.  Skills include: patient assessment, rescue breathing, CPR, obstructed airways, bleeding management, heart attacks and strokes. This course includes CPR A. Class length is 8 hours.

Standard First Aid & CPR-B

SFA provides comprehensive training covering all aspects of first aid and CPR. This course is for those who want and in depth understanding of first aid such as: spinal injuries, bone & joint injuries, heat and cold illness, abdominal injuries, burns and other medical emergencies.  This course includes CPR C.  Class Length: 16 hours

CPR C with AED Training

CPR trains rescuers in the skills and knowledge needed to assess and provide basic life support to patients with airway, breathing and circulatory emergencies as well as an awareness of risk factors that contribute to hear disease.  Learn adult, child and infant CPR, Obstructed Airways and 2-rescuer CPR.  CPR Brochure (PDF)

Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

We have all seen it on TV doctor shows, but did you know that the Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is becoming more common in industry, worksites and public areas.  Would you know how to use one?  This 4-6 hour course prepares the rescuer to initiate CPR, activate EMS and set up and use the defibrillator.  Learn the safety precautions and the legal aspects of using this automated device.

Aquatic Emergency Care

AEC builds on skills learned in Standard First Aid and applies them to aquatic environments. This course covers aquatic spinal injury management and an understanding of lifesaving principals, with a focus on team-oriented water rescues in a controlled aquatic environment. AEC is SFA equivalent and includes CPR-C certification. AEC is a pre-requisite for the NLS (Lifeguarding) Course.