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Swim @ School

Swim @ School

Program is open to all elementary school students.

Swim@School is a participation-based program which offers swimming skills and water safety training to school aged children.

Swim@School can be offers as a stand-alone, water-based program, dry-land program or a combination of the two. 

Benefits to the Public and to Authorized Providers:

  • Swim@School is a new participation -based swimming and water safety training program designed specifically for the school lessons market. It is another way of marketing your Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety Programs and a great addition to your program line-up.
  • Parents will like their children learning to swim or reinforcing previous or on-going learning in a scheduled swim lessons. Red Cross recommends parents enroll their kids in Red Cross Swimming and Water Safety lessons and look at Swim@School as an opportunity to practice swimming or reinforce water safety behavior
  • Swim@School is built from the same philosophy that all Red Cross programs have; and is based on the research into where and why Canadians drown, and how to keep people safe in, on and around the water.
  • Students will enjoy the fun, ability to swim with their school friends, and not sweating whether the “pass” – participation is success. 

Program Content:

Swim@School has three modules:

  • Swimming
    • Covers basic swimming skills and progressions for learning to swim (i.e. front and back, etc.)
    • Fitness component (endurance swim and kicking drills)
    • Stroke development
  • Skills and Safety– students learn how to be safe in the water through hands-on practice
    • Self-rescue
    • Safe boating, use of rescue equipment, (throwing assists, reaching assists, etc)
    •  Self-safety (entries into the water, ice rescue).
  • Brain Games – Water safety information resource package for the classroom or dry-land setting

Student Recognition:

Participation record and Sticker

Resources for teachers and parents in PDF Format are:  School HandoutParent Information Sheet and School Curriculum Information. Click on name to receive the PDF file.

For more information or to ask questions, contact by email: , Chetwynd Leisure Pool.