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Moberly Lake Golf Course

Box 47, Moberly Lake, BC, V0C 1X0
(250) 788-3880

A challenging 9 hole golf course with a beautiful view of Moberly Lake. Located approx. 20 minutes North of Chetwynd.

Golf Links

Lakes & Rivers

Azouzetta Lake

Located in the Pine Pass, one hour drive west of Chetwynd on Highway 97. This lake primarily contains rainbow trout. Picture of lake to the right.

Clearwater Lake

Situated west of Chetwynd, and approximately 15 miles north of Highway 97. Accessed by a logging road for the first 10km which runs into an old trail. The natural lake population is Dolly Varden (Bull Trout)

Heart Lake

Located one km off Highway 97, approx. 2 km west of Silver Sands Lodge (access road opposite to the rest area) with Provincial Park Campground. Lake is stocked with Eastern Brook Trout and Rainbow Trout. (Restricted to electric motor only).

Pine River

Begins in the Pine Pass, and travels east along Hwy. 97 through Chetwynd, and eventually enters the Peace River upstream of Taylor, BC. There are many rest stops and access points along the Pine River. A person may catch Rocky Mountain Whitefish, Artic Grayling, Rainbow Trout, and Dolly Varden (Bull Trout) in this river.

Sukunka River

The Sukunka River enters the Pine Pine near the Twidwell Bend Bridge on Hwy. 29 South, and is accessible from Hwy 97 South for several miles south of Twidwell Bend Bridge. Most of the river can be accessed along the Sukunka Forest Road. Rocky Mountain whitefish, Artic Grayling and Dolly Varden can be caught in this river. There are seasonal closures on some of the fish species in the Sukunka River. The river was stocked with Rainbow Trout to establish the Rainbow Trout population and it is closed to catching and retaining them.

Burnt River

The Burnt River enters the Sukunka River from the southwest at approx. the  20 km point of the Sukunka Forest Road. At the 17 km point of the Sukunka Forest Road a Talisman Energy access road crosses the Sukunka River, and also crosses the Burnt River to which access can be gained to the Burnt.

Hook Lake

This lake is situated beyond the headwaters o the Sukunka River. The Sukunka Forest Road can provide a person access to the BC Rail Tumbler Ridge Line. There is a trail access from this point to the lake, a distance of approx. 12 km. A person may catch Dolly Varden in the lake.

Gwillim Lake

Is located south along the Hwy. 29 South. It is a large deep lake with Northern Pike and Lake Char (Trout) as the most common fish.  A new Provincial Park campsite was established on the North side of the lake which includes camping facilities and a boat launch. The lake is totally within the park boundaries.

Moose Lake

Located approx. 15 km south of Gwillim Lake, and off Hwy. 29 South approx 8 km. to the east.  Near the west end of the lake is a BC forest service recreation campsite with boat launch facilities. The lake is regularly stocked with rainbow trout and eastern brook trout.

Wolverine River

This mountain river is northwest of Tumbler Ridge, and flows into the Murray River. A forest road travels along most of the river providing several points of access. Rockey Mountain Whitefish, artic grayling and Dolly Varden trout are found in the river.

Murray River

The river begins at Kineuso Falls which are southwest of Tumber Ridge, and well worth a visit.  The river flows north past Tumbler Ridge, and enters the Pine River from the east near East Pine.  There are a few access points near Tumbler Ridge and Lone Prairie.  Rocky Mountain Whitefish, Artic Grayling and Dolly Varden can be caught.

Jackfish Lake

A small lake located 15km east of Chetwynd along the Jackfish Lake Road. There is a small rural subdivision in the area. A boat launch is present, yet undeveloped. Northern Pike from 1 to 5 pounds is commonly caught in this lake.

Big Lake

Located approx 30 km northeast along the Jackfish Lake Road, and then 1 km on the Howe road. A BC Forest service recreation campsite is situation on the northeast end of the laake. This fine Northern Lake contains primarily Northern Pike.

Boucher Lake

Access to this lake is via the Boucher Lake road that leaves Hwy. 29 North at approx. 35km north of Chetwynd.  The Boucher Lake road turns off Hwy. 29 on the right side. Approx. 5 to 10 km along this gravel road, take the left fork in the road, and follow the forest road for several kms.  Access to the lake is seasonal, and is often dependant on the weather. Northern Pike are the sport fish to be caught in this lake.

Moberly Lake

A large lake on the west side of Hwy 29 North, 30km north of Chetwynd. There are 2 Provincial Park sites on the lake with launching facilities for boats.  A large campsite, day picnic area and facilities are available on the south side of the lake. Numerous summer cottages and houses dock both shores.  There are 2 commercial restaurant/stores type facilities on the north side of the lake.  Northern Pike and lake char are most common. In the winter months ice fishing occurs for Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Ling Cod (Burbot). There are fall closures on the catching of Lake Char.

Moberly River

The upper Moberly River flows into Moberly Lake from the Northwest. The mountain river is accessible along most of its length by a forest road. Rocky Mountain Whitefish, Artic Grayling, and Dolly Varden are often caught from this river.  The lower Moberly River flows out of Moberly Lake to the east entering the Peace River opposite of Fort St John.

Cameron Lake

A prestigious lake on the west side of Hwy. 29 North approx. 20 km past Moberly Lake. A popular lake for northern pike fishing. It has also been stocked with Walleye.  The use of power boats of any size is not permitted on this lake.

Peace River

The largest river in the area, and open to fishing year round.  With 2 hydro electric power dams upstream, the water level of the river often fluctuates several feet. Rainbow trout, artic grayling, Kokanee, Rocky Mountain Whitefish, Dolly Varden are all caught in this river.Access is available from several points along the north side of the river.

Dinosaur Lake

A beautiful lake near Hudsons Hope created by the BC Hydro Peace Canyon Dam. There is a campsite facility and boat launch ramp available at the lake. Rainbow Trout, Kokanee, and Dolly Varden are often caught in this lake.  Watch fluctuating water levels.

Carbon Lake

A mountain lake situated 60 km west of Hudsons Hope by gravel forest road. which is accessed by crossing the WAC Bennett Dam. A lodge facility is situated on the lake where cabins and small boats can be rented.  A power/motor size restriction exists on this lake.  A BC Forest Service recreation campsite is located on the lake shore. Rainbow Trout and Lake Char are commonly caught from this lake.

Carbon Creek

A mountain river some 5 km past the west side of Carbon Lake which is accessible from points along the forest road that travels along its length.  Rainbow Trout, Rocky Mountain Whitefish, Artic Grayling and Dolly Varden are caught.

Williston Lake

Large lake created by the WAC Bennett dam with stretches 150 km from the dam to the junction of the other arms of the lake (junction known as Finlay Forks). This stretch of water is actively fished for Dolly Varden, Artic Grayling,, Rocky Mountain Whitefish and Kokanee. Most of the successful fishing occurs in the inlets and river mouths. The Peace Reach can be hazardous during windy or stormy weather. There are launch ramps at Portage Mountain Yacht Club, Dunlevy Inlet Provincial Park, Finlay Bay, and a site near the Bennett Dam.

East Pine

Situated near the junction of the East Pine and Murray Rivers in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, East Pine Provincial Park provides visitors with fishing, canoeing and boating opportunities on both rivers.

Hole in the Wall

Hole-In-The-Wall is named after the resurgence spring which emerges from a limestone rock wall. This type of feature occurs when water travels underground through a complex series of caves and either works its way down to a level of impermeable rock or until it reaches the top of the water table. The water flow may then travel along the surface of the impermeable rock until it reaches the surface as a spring. This type of feature is usually associated with cave features, particularly where the predominant stone is limestone. Visitors to Hole In The Wall Provincial Park will be amazed by the size and sheer volume of water. Surrounded by lush vegetation and a spectacular vertical blue-gray wall of limestone, this geological feature is impressive and easily accessible via a short 40 m walk from the road.


Please read the Provincial Freshwater Fishing Regulation Synopsis for the regulations concerning sport fishing in BC.

Maps & Information

Maps and other information is available from the Government Agent Office, BC Forest Service and Tourist Information Centers.

Hunting in the Chetwynd Area

The following is provided for your convenience. It is always a good idea to check the official regulations.

Species Season Dates
Mule Deer Oct 10-Oct31, Nov 1-Nov 20, Sept 1-Sept 21
White Tailed Deer Oct 10-Oct31, Nov 1-Nov 20, Sept 1-Sept 21
Moose Aug 15-Oct 31
Elk Aug 15-Oct 31
Bighorn Mtn Sheep Aug 15-Sept 30
Mountain Goat Aug 15-Oct 15
Caribou Aug 20-Aug 32, Sept 1-Sept 30
Black Bear Aug 15-Nov 15, Apr 1-June 15
Wolf Aug 1-Mar31,Apr 1-Jun 15
Wolverine Oct 15-Jan 15
Lynx Nov 15-Feb 15

Links and Resources for Hunting in BC and the North

BC Fish & Wildlife Website

BC Outfitter & Guides

LoneStar Sports
5028 50th Avenue
Chetwynd, BC V0C1J0
Phone: (250) 788-1850

Printed copies of the synopsis are available at Government Agents, regional Ministry of Environment offices, and retail outlets where hunting licences are sold.

Parks & Playgrounds

The Chetwynd Parks & Recreation Department working with alongside the District of Chetwynd operates and maintains, parks and playground in Chetwynd. This includes all pathways, playgrounds, parks, trails, flowers, ball diamonds and all common greenspace.Parks Operation runs year round with high peak season from April to September. Parks employs many seasonal employees to maintain these greenspaces.Contact Director or Deputy of Parks & Recreation at 250-788-2214.

Moberly Lake Provincial Park

A large lake on the west side of Hwy 29 North, 30km north of Chetwynd. There are 2 Provincial Park sites on the lake with launching facilities for boats. A large campsite, day picnic area and facilities are available on the south side of the lake. Numerous summer cottages and houses dock both shores. There are 2 commercial restaurant/stores type facilities on the north side of the lake. Northern Pike and lake char are most common. In the winter months ice fishing occurs for Northern Pike, Lake Trout and Ling Cod (Burbot). There are fall closures on the catching of Lake Char.

Open May-Oct; Camping fee May 1 – Labour Day; reservations available 1-800-689-9025 – Reservation Line


  • 109 Vehicle/Tent Campsites
  • Large Picnic/Day-Use Area w/ Shelter
  • Sani-Station
  • Boat Ramp
  • Security Patrol
  • Water Wheelchair Accessible
  • Pit Toilets
  • Firewood
  • Playground
  • Walking Trails
  • Horseshoe Pit
  • Beach area
  • Interpretation Kiosk


  • Camping
  • Picnicking
  • Swimming
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Hiking

Gwillim Lake Provincial Park

Gwillim Lake is located south along the Hwy. 29 South. It is a large deep lake with Northern Pike and Lake Char (Trout) as the most common fish.  A new Provincial Park campsite was established on the North side of the lake which includes camping facilities and a boat launch. The lake is totally within the park boundaries.

Located 50 km south of Chetwynd; take Highway 29 south off Highway 97. Open May – Oct; camping fee May 1 – Labour Day 1-800-689-9025 – Reservation Line


  • 49 Vehicle/Tent Campsites
  • Boat Ramp
  • Pit Toilets
  • Firewood
  • Picnic/Day-Use Area
  • Wheelchair Accessible


  • Camping
  • Picnicing
  • Swimming
  • Wildlife Viewing
  • Fishing
  • Boating
  • Hiking

Pine Valley Exhibition Park

Located in the Rodeo Grounds, just past Little Prairie School.

  • Ball fields
  • team roping
  • gymkhana
  • horse stall rental
  • activities
  • events and more!

Spencer Tuck Regional Park

Located on the North side of Moberly Lake.

  • Boat launch
  • Picnic/Day-Use Area

Fit Park

Located behind the Leisure Pool is a great outdoor fitness park. Follow the instructions and follow the path through a variety of fitness skills. Work at your own pace.

Playground Listing

Playgrounds are located throughout the town with a wide range of play equipment.

  • 52nd Ave Playground
  • Kin Park
  • Crown Park
  • Wabi Cres. Park
  • Little Prairie School
  • Don Titus School
  • Windrem School
  • PVEP Ball Fields
  • Spirit Park
  • Rotary Park
  • Legion Sub Park
52nd Ave Playground Spirit Park Crown Park
Don Titus Park Fit Park Kin Park
20160711_101428 IMG_3455
Rec Centre Park Rotary Park

Rotary Park & Soccer Fields

In the warmer months, enthusiasts can walk the oval track. Adjacent to the track is an amazing soccer field.Public Washrooms were installed in 2008 and a new playground in 2010!

It’s also a great place to fly a kite!

Leisure Pool & Fitness Room

Catch a wave at our Leisure Pool! The facility was built in 1990 and is operational year round. Come relax in our giant hot tub, or play in the great waves. The fitness room provides state of the art Hammer Strength and LifeFitness Equipment.

  • Our newest feature is a 53m, 3 story enclosed waterslide coming down into its own flume!
  • A dry sauna is located off the pool deck and open during public swim hours.
  • We offer a cool deck slide that drops into 4 feet of water in addition to our umbrella fountain.We provide female, male and family changerooms.The complex is currently under expansion and remains open to the public during this time.
  • Our new state of the art fitness centre provide 12 cardio equipment pieces including stairmaster, elipticals, treadmills, recumbant/upright bikes and a rower. A wide selection of Hammer Strength equipment and free weights compliment the 4000sq ft space. Drop-in, multi-visit and passes are available. Access to the pool and showers are also available.

Check out our photo gallery!

For more information call: (250) 788-2214 or check out our on line schedule.


Enjoy some of the best sledding BC has to offer. Chetwynd offers deep powder, challenging slopes and virgin territory. Whether it’s the quite solitude of forest or the exhilaration of the wide open throttle on an untouched alpine meadow – Chetwynd is the place for you, your sled and your friends. Check it out!

Hiking Trails

Recreation of all types is an important part of a healthy lifestyle in this community. Hiking trails were developed as another opportunity to get out and explore nature. The following list is intended for those looking for a variety of trail types that are close to town. There are many splendid trails in the outlying area, but you may want to contact a local guide or outfitter if you are looking for more of a back-country experience.There are trail maps available at either the Chetwynd Tourist Info Centre or the District Office.Local Trail Information:

  • 3 Culvert Trail: 2 km – rustic
  • Rodeo Trail: 300 m – rustic
  • Deer Point: 200 m – rustic
  • Centurion Trail: 4 km – rustic
  • Coyote Path: 1 km – improved
  • Crown Trail: 3 km – improved
  • Cottonwood Trail: 3 km – improved
  • Windrem Trail: 2 km – improved
  • Ol’ Baldy Trail: 2 km – steep, improved
  • Ol’ Baldy Ridge: 3 km – rustic
  • Connector Trail: 12 km – rustic
  • Community Forest Interpretive Trail: 700 m – rustic
  • Short Ski Loop: 1.5 km – rustic
  • Long Ski Loop: 3 km – rustic

Hunt for a GeoCache

Do you own a GPS? If so, there are a few “geocaches” located in the Chetwynd area. One is right in town, another a short drive away and then head off the road by foot. Both of these are family oriented. There are many others in our area too – check outhttp://www.geocaching.com/ to get coordinates and further information. Enter in our postal code in the upper right corner – V0C 1J0 & don’t forget to bring something to exchange!

Chetwynd Public Library

A great selection of books, internet access and friendly staff. Books and Crazy Beans is on location with a variety of food and drink options.5012 – 46 Street
Phone: (250) 788-2559 Hours of Operation:
Monday to Friday 9:00 am – 8:00pm
Saturday and Sunday 12:00 pm – 4:00pm


Walk the brick sidewalks in downtown Chetwynd. A wide variety of stores to meet your needs – Giftopia, Fields Mini Mart, Chetwynd Visitor Centre, Pharmasave, Your Dollar Store with More,  Lonestar Sports, The Red Apple, Trend Session Apparel & Board Shop and more!

Rec Centre

Rock Climbing Wall

Check out the amazing rock wall at the Chetwynd & District Rec Centre. Located in the lobby, climb up to the roof as your are assisted by one of our belay staff.  Public times and private rentals available.Give us a call at 250-788-2214 for times or click here for further information.

Squash/Raquetball/Wallyball Court Rentals

The Recreation Centre offers a unique court that can be converted to Squash, Raquetball or Wallyball in a matter of minutes. Courts times can be booked at 250-788-2214. Book early as spots fill up fast. Click to see more on the courts!

Walking Track

Take a walk on the indoor walking track. Track is located on the upper floor of the Rec Centre. Go around 8 1/2 times, and you have just done a kilometre. Use of the track is free, however we ask all participants to check in at the main desk to let us know you are using it. Clean indoor white soled runners are required.


Several nights a week and many weekends there is great curling action. Sit down at rink level or enjoy a drink upstairs overlooking the sheets of ice.


Check out the Recreation Centre for some great hockey action! Games are played most weekends throughout the winter.


The Chetwynd Recreation Centre offers public skating from October to March.Check out the current public times.In the off season, rollerblading and other events are scheduled.

Skateboard Park

The new Chetwynd Skateboard & BMX Park was officially opened Sept 13, 2010. Chetwynd spent over $450,000 on the new park.The park is located on the Chetwynd & District Rec Centre grounds. Open all year round. Check out the photo gallery.

Play Chess

GIANT Chest board built right into the floor in the Recreation Centre. Located in the main lobby and available almost everyday (pending events happening in the area)


The area around Chetwynd is known for Trout, Pickerel, Grayling, Northern Pike and Dolly Varden. You can obtain your fishing license at any of the local sports or hardware stores downtown Chetwynd. You can buy as many as Eight Day and One Day licenses as you need.For more information on good fishing locations visit the local Tourist Information Centre or District Office at (250) 788-1943. Check out our lake and river listing above.


Chetwynd provides wonderful scenery for the photographer. Look for deer, beaver, moose, squirrels, elk, bears and a wide variety of wild flowers.

Softball & Baseball

At the Recreation Centre/Leisure Pool there is one ball diamond. In the Rodeo Grounds (PVEP) there are 5 ball diamonds – the first being across the street from Little Prairie School.League (Little League & Slow Pitch) has priority on booking diamonds. Other groups may also book diamonds based on availability. League plays in May and June only. Diamonds can be booked at the District Office Parks Dept at 250-788-4100 from May through August.

Skiing & Snowboarding

Nestled in the pristine wilderness of the Canadian Rockies, Powder King Mountain Resort offers the best of the great outdoors, from virgin snow and breathtaking drops, to the gentle groomed slopes of beginner runs – and some of the best powder skiing in the province!. Most of the terrain favours intermediate-level skiers.Powder King Mountain Resort is located in the centre of Pine Passon Highway 97 in Northeast BC, 42 miles (67 km) west of Mackenzie and 123 miles (195 km) north of Prince George. From Vancouver, head north on Highway 97 to Prince George, then head 122 miles (195 km) farther north to the mountain. From Edmonton, head north to Dawson Creek, and then come 131 miles (210 km) south to Powder King. Link to Powder King


A wide variety of animals and plants are located in the Peace Region.You can enjoy a groomed walking trail where deer are usually grazing, or take a more adventurous hike in our rugged areas. Don’t forget to take you camera. Check out our photo gallery of wildlife & scenery.

WAC Bennett Dam Tours

The dam is located 1.5 hrs drive from Chetwynd. Take Highway 29 to Hudson’s Hope, approximately 65 km north of Chetwynd and 80 km west of Fort St. John. In Hudson’s Hope, at the junction of Highway 29 and Canyon Drive, follow the signs 21 km west along Canyon Drive to the Visitor Centre. The road is well marked.The Visitors Centre, overlooking Williston Lake Reservoir, offers a wide range of exhibits and an audio-visual theatre.A 25-seat deli-style cafe on the ground floor is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

  • Underground powerhouse tours 500 feet below ground!
  • Reservations for large groups are welcomed and appreciated.
  • School and tour groups welcome.
  • Admission fees apply.
  • Victoria Day (May) weekend to the end of the Labour Day (September) long weekend: Open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  • Off season – September to Victoria Day weekend: Tours are available for school groups only. School tours for kindergarten to grade 12 are by appointment only and require two weeks advance notice. Please call 250 783-5048 or 1 888 333-6667 for information and bookings.

Little Prairie Heritage Museum

Little Prairie Heritage Museum
Closed for the Fall/Winter Season

Chainsaw Sculptures

Chetwynd has beautiful handcrafted chainsaw sculptures of indigenous animals and local scenes. These sculptures can be found outside or inside local businesses. With map in hand, stroll through town for photo opportunities with these sculptures. Inquire at the Visitor Information Centre for a sculpture of your own and you will be taking a little bit of Chetwynd home with you.